Rejuvenate Fitness is a fantastic place to start your fitness journey! We offer a wide range of equipment, and optional personal training services for our members!

If you’re a prospective new member at Rejuvenate, welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. You’re about to start on a journey to create a healthier and happier version of you! The hardest part of any fitness journey is making the decision to startb!

If this is your first time joining a gym, it can be a little overwhelming at first. We want to share a few tips and words of advice to help you get started today!

If you have any concerns about your health or think there is any reason why you shouldn’t begin exercising, then we would always recommend that you visit your doctor beforehand to discuss your concerns.When you join us we will ask you to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) form to ensure that we understand our joint responsibilities in terms of your exercise, and can help you determine if you should see your doctor before you start exercising.

What should I wear to the gym?

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the newest/best workout gear to attend the gym — just make sure your clothes are practical for working out and, unless you’re going straight home afterwards, don’t forget a change of clothes. Please note that shirts must be worn at all times in the public portion of the gym. 

What’s essential to know about going to the gym?

  • Make sure you bring a water bottle and a towel. 
  • Make sure you wipe down your equipment when you’re done with it.
  • Put your weights and equipment away when you’re finished with them.
  • Be mindful of using your phone on the gym floor so you’re not distracting others.
  • Peak times at the gym are generally early morning, and in the evening.

Things to try During Your First gym Session

With such an array of equipment available at all our gyms,  where should you start? You’ll find an elliptical, tread climber, exercise bikes, rowing machine and treadmills, which are great for getting warmed up on and improving your cardiovascular fitness, alongside helping you lose weight through more intense workouts as well.  The exercise bikes and elliptical are especially good to start off with as they are extremely low impact, meaning much less force is being put through your joints, making them perfect for anyone who has spent a long time away from exercise.

You should also give the resistance – or weight – machines a go. A balanced workout is the key to success and you won’t necessarily hit your targets if you focus purely on cardiovascular exercise. Start off doing sets of 10 or 12 repetitions on each machine, building up the amount of weight you’re lifting as and when you feel comfortable. It’s very important not to over-stretch yourself on these machines.

Most of all, have fun – and work hard!

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